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  1. World Science Day for Peace and development (WSDPD), November 10, 2018 posted November 11, 2018

      World Science Day for Peace and development (WSDPD) is celebrated globally on every November 10 by UNESCO. It’s an internationally celebrated day to manifest […]

  2. World Human Rights Day- December 10, 2016 posted December 10, 2016

    “All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another […]

  3. World AIDS Day- December 01, 2016 posted December 1, 2016

    World AIDS day is commemorated on 1st December each year to increase the awareness about the issues surrounding the HIV/AIDS, to aware the community about […]

  4. World Laughter day- January 10th posted January 25, 2013

    Laughter is the tonic, the relief, the surcease for pain. Charlie Chaplin Celebrated for the first time on 10th January 1998, world laughter day aimed […]

  5. World Braille Day -January 04th posted January 25, 2013

    World Braille Day commemorates the birth of Louis Braille. A brilliant and optimistic man who invented Braille coding .He was born on 4 January 1809 […]

  6. World Energy Conservation Day- December 14th posted December 19, 2012

    Life on Earth is driven by energy. Autotrophs take it from solar radiation and heterotrophs take it from autotrophs. Energy captured slowly by photosynthesis is stored up, and […]

  7. Human Rights Day- December 10 posted December 19, 2012

    On the Dictionary the word “Human Rights” means “a privilege “. We are talking about something more basic. -Human Rights are those rights which are inherited of the people; these rights include rightsof […]

  8. International Volunteer Day for Economic and Social Development- December 05 posted December 19, 2012

    The International Volunteer Day for Economic and Social Development was adopted by the United Nations General Assembly through Resolution A/RES/40/212 on 17December 1985. Since then, governments, the UN system and civil society organizations have successfully […]

  9. International Day of persons with disabilities- December 03 posted December 19, 2012

    Allah is the Creator of this Universe, Heavens and the Earth. The creations of Allah are a beautiful and clear reflection of His glory. He […]

  10. World AIDS Day- December 1st posted December 1, 2012

    No other word creates as much fear, revulsion, misery and utter helplessness as AIDS. In the United States, AIDS is the sixth leading cause of […]

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