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International Young Microbiologist Competition 2014

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International Young Microbiologist Competition (IYMC) is a joint venture of We The Microbiologist , India with Microbiology World, Nepal and; with strong support of National Academy of Young Scientists, Pakistan aimed to choose three best young candidates from the World who can solve mysteries of Microbiology by generating idea that is novel, efficient and also a practically feasible approach. In 2014, we aimed for the dangerous Methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus (commonly known as MRSA) which is difficult-to-treat infection in humans and specially known to cause hospital acquired infections. In each year, in every state of a country around 1000 people suffer from this infection, and few people get little relief from the prescribed antibiotics.

This time we aimed to investigate ideas generated by young minds to investigate MRSA starting from detection, microbiological identification, solution and management of the hospitals to prevent reoccurrence of the infection. So a 100% solution can allow the eradication of the disease spread. Students and young researchers were given a situation of a hospital, where patients were getting infected with MRSA, detected from nose secretions and skin infections. They were asked to carry forward their research and control to have full research identification as well as managerial implementation.

“In 2014 IYMC, we have received a total of 132 articles from 15 different countries and mostly from India and Pakistan. It had been quite difficult to assess all the articles since all are having some novel ideas or research implemented ideas which are very useful. We The Microbiologist, Microbiology World and National Academy of Young Scientists put a joint effort to screen all the articles carefully to take out the best three who can be highlighted as the International Young Microbiologist of 2014 and I hope we have find out this time” said Ms. Harshada Kasar, President of We The Microbiologist, India. Dr. Aftab Ahmad, the President of National Academy of Young Scientists, Pakistan added, “International competitions like IYMC will greatly facilitate innovative thinking as well as scientific writing among young scientists.” Mr. Sagar Aryal, the young President of Microbiology World, Nepal also showed his gratitude towards the success of this competition when asked about IYMC 2014 and about his future plans. He said, “I want to thank all the participants who contributed their thoughts and ideas. This can really give the boost in the real world for the eradication of MRSA from hospitals and can be used practically. We are looking forward with IYMC 2015 with more success”.

International Young Microbiologist Competition of 2014 is hugely supported by ELSEVIER India by providing gift packages for the winners. The associated supporters have been BioCognizance, GBiofin, Lexicon and International Journal of Microbiology and Allied Sciences, who would provide a wide opportunity for the students. IYMC is thankful for the supporting committees for making this competition a big success.

For this year (2014), we are having three most bright winners from three different nations, Mr. Otun Saha and his group (Mr. Arif Istiaq, Ms. Afroza Sultana, Ms. Syeda Josna Ahmed) from Bangladesh; Ms. Asimina Zisi from Greece and Mr. Usama Ashraf from China. Organizing committee congratulate them for their efforts to call themselves as the winner of International Young Microbiologist Competition (IYMC) 2014. The gifts will be sent to them provided by ELSEVIER India along with a letter of appreciation and certificate of merit. Along with three strong winners, we have 18 runner ups of the competition, whose articles were also strong enough to explore the idea of eradication of MRSA. Organizing committee will also provide them some healthy opportunities and e-certificate of merit as runner up of the competition. All the participants who have enrolled are congratulated for their wonderful effort of thinking and for the knowledge they have provided to explore behind the dangerous MRSA.

All the articles, we received will not be publicised and have been saved to Organization’s personal databases and will not be published in any case without the permission from the authors. The winning article’s abstract will be highlighted in three different magazines namely Micrographia Today of WTM, Microbiology World e-magazine of MW, and NAYS e-magazine of NAYS. The articles may be communicated with higher organizations for future implementation of the techniques if required with prior permission from the authors. To continue the exploration of new ideas, We The Microbiologist India, Microbiology World Nepal and National Academy of Young Scientists Pakistan will team up again in 2015 to find out next young contender of International Young Microbiologist Competition 2015. The notification will come soon in the respective websites of the organizations.

As reported by Mr. Saumyadip Sarkar, Managing Director, We The Microbiologist, India and Ms. Aneela Yasmeen, Events coordinator, National Academy of Young Scientists, Pakistan.



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