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National Academy of Young Scientists (NAYS) was established in 2009 with the basic objective of promoting science and technology in Pakistan. It involves young researchers from all scientific disciplines and provides them a platform to achieve their aims. We are thankful to Almighty Allah that NAYS is progressing at a high pace. NAYS has become the largest organization of young researchers of Pakistan. Several lectures, workshops, competitions, young scientists’ awards, science for youth activities, NAYS publications, NAYS survey, science mobility and migration, community education and awareness, NAYS global and others are among activities which are successful only because of your participation. NAYS e-magazine publication has been started for the establishment of information sharing among the researchers worldwide. NAYS e-magazine’s goal is to present to a scientifically literate audience a lively picture of the intellectual life and research activities and to promote interest in science and scientific issues. It will cover a tremendous range of subjects: from paleontology to space exploration, and medical breakthroughs to the latest environmental insights. It will be published four times a year (January, April, July, and October). This magazine will cover scientific articles and research work, biography of eminent scientists, naeay charagh, news about scientific activities conducted in different Pakistani universities, NAYS survey reports, campus corner, conference report, and NAYS winning Essays.


NAYS e-Magazine has the following permanent sections for its valued readers:
Scientific Research

Research writings are main focus of NAYS e-magazine. Young scientists from every field of science are encouraged to send us their scientific discoveries and results to show the worth of their work. Research work in the field of natural sciences, computer sciences, engineering, medicine, agriculture, industry, biomedical sciences, pharmaceutics, metallurgy, environmental sciences, mathematics, etc are published in this major section of NAYS magazine.

Scientific Articles
Articles from every disciple of science are published in this portion of magazine. Young researchers are encouraged to write on any of interesting/informative topic for this section.

Biography of Eminent Scientists
Every issue comes with biography of one of our scientific heroes who dedicate their lives for contributing knowledge.

Campus Corner
In this section a well-established scientific department, institute, school or university of Pakistan is revealed; by elaborating its scope, scientific potential, teaching and research facilities etc. Its main purpose is awareness about any institute so that our readers may find a place of their scientific interest to join or visit an institute for research and education.

Our beloved readers can send us their report for some wonderful experiences of working at any state of the art laboratory or some summer school inside or outside Pakistan. The purpose of sharing is the motivation of youth for achieving such opportunities to explore the developed world and contribute their best to our beloved country.

Naeay Charagh
In this portion a young scientist is promoted for his/her scientific abilities and achievements. A biography of young researcher who has done something interesting and innovative in a particular field is presented in this section.

Workshop/Conference Corner
There is a new section in our magazine, Workshop Corner. NAYS encourages its members to write the details of any international / national conferences or the summer schools attended by them and provide pictures of the event, then our team will select the report and publish it in the NAYS e-magazine.


Our Issues:
NAYS e-Magazine Issue 4
NAYS e-Magazine Issue 3
NAYS e-Magazine Issue 2
NAYS e-Magazine Issue 1



For sending articles/research work, authors must mention following things on the same world file, before starting the article/research paper:

  • Article title
  • Full name (s) of author
  • Designation (students B.Sc/M.Sc/ PhD etc, if employee mention job title)
  • Name of the institute/ department/university/industry etc.
  • Contact email address to be mentioned in magazine
  • Mention the type of article/research paper you are sending e.g., original full length research paper, research news, full length scientific article, review article etc.
  • Field of study in which your article falls like natural sciences, computer sciences, bio-medical sciences etc.

Instruction for Article Formatting

  • Manuscripts/Articles should be typewritten in 1.5 spaced in A4 sized sheets with a 1 inch margin on all sides.
  • The manuscript/Articles shall be prepared in Times New Roman font using a font size of 12.
  • Title shall be in a font size 14.
  • All section titles shall be in font size 12, bold face capitals.
  • Subtitles in each section shall be in font size 12, bold face lower case followed by a colon.
  • Avoid making header/ footer, or boxes for figures/ text/ tables, keep your article simple, format friendly.
  • The content shall be organized in the following sequence:
  • Title page (including names and addresses of the authors)
  • Abstract (including at least 4 key words)
  • Text For the full length research paper (consisting of introduction, materials and methods, results, discussion, conclusion and acknowledgements)


References should appear on a separate page. The references should be cited at the end of the manuscript in the order of their appearance in the text. References of journal articles, books, Newspaper article, Document available on a web page etc. should be cited as follows:

Journal references: List the author’s last name followed by a comma and initials separated by periods. Give the journal title written in full, a comma, volume number all italicized, issue number in parentheses if available, comma, and the page range.

For example
Senden, T. J., Moock, K. H., Gerald, J. F., Burch, W. M., Bowitt, R. J., Ling, C. D., et al. (1997). The physical and chemical nature of technigas.  Journal of Nuclear Medicine, 38(10), 1327-33.

Book references: List the author’s last name followed by a comma and initials separated by periods. Give the title, edition, city of publication, and publisher. If there is an edition it appears after the title, abbreviated, in parentheses.

For example
Ringsven, M. K., & Bond, D. (1996). Gerontology and leadership skills for nurses. (2nd ed.). Albany (NY): Delmar.

Newspaper article: Lee, G. (1996, June 21). Hospitalizations tied to ozone pollution: Study estimates 50,000 admissions annually. The Washington Post; Page no. (Column. no).

Document available on a web page: Chou, L., McClintock, R., Moretti, F., Nix, D. H. (1993). Web site:

Criteria for Sending Workshop/Conference Report

Follow the above criteria for sending report on workshop or conference. Details about workshop or conference should be in report format and pictures of the event will be encouraged.


NAYS e-Magazine Team



Attia Razzaq

University of the Punjab, Pakistan

UMC St. Radboud, The Netherlands

About Editor-in-Chief

Miss Attia Razzaq was born in 1986 in Mianwali, Pakistan. She got her secondary school education from Girls High School and higher secondary education from Abdul Razzaq Fazaia College Mianwali. She moved to Lahore for her graduation from department of Microbiology and Molecular Genetics, University of the Punjab, Lahore Pakistan and got B.Sc (Hons) degree in 2007. By the end of 2007 she started M.Phil leading to PhD program in Genetic Diseases from Centre of Excellence in Molecular Biology, University of the Punjab, Pakistan. She got HEC Indigenous Scholarship for M.Phil leading to PhD program from Higher Education Commission of Pakistan for five years. She also got International Research Support Initiative Program funding by Higher Education Commission of Pakistan for six month scientific training abroad and currently she is engaged in research work in Department of Human Genetics, University Medical Center St. Radboud, Nijmegen, The Netherlands, trying to find out genes involves in hereditary intellectual disability. She has two scientific publications in international journals. As part of her scientific interest she joined NAYS team as editor NAYS e-Newsletter from January 2012 to date.

IT Editor
Ubaid Umar
MS Student, EME College, NUST, Pakistan
Network Support Engineer (Nayatel)

Report Writer
Farah Deeba
PhD Student Biochemistry
Arid Agriculture University Rawalpindi, Pakistan

Data Collector
Seema Adil
B.S student Biochemistry
University of Karachi, Pakistan

Subject Editors
Dr. Mehmooda Munazir
PhD Scholar (Botany)
Pir Mehr Ali Shah-Arid Agriculture University Rawalpindi, Pakistan
Kings College London, UK

Zahoor Ali
Senior Scientist
PAEC, Pakistan

Muhammad Sughis
PhD Biomedical Sciences
Center of Research for Public Health & the Health Journal, Pakistan

Dr. Muhammad Amjad Ali
PhD Biology
UFT-BOKU, Austria

Malik Waqas Ahmed
Engineering disciple
Civil Engineer
National University of Sciences and Technology, Islamabad

Campus Corner
Mirza Abdul Aleem Baig
Research Assistant,
College of Biomedical Engineering, Ziauddin University, Karachi

Workshop/Conference Corner

Open for public

Naey Charagh
NAYS Naey Charagh team

Biography of Eminent Scientist
NAYS Publications

Data Manager
Khalid Iqbal
M.Phil student Pharmaceutics
University of the Punjab, Pakistan

Muhammad Javed Hassan
PhD Agriculture
Bahauddin Zikria University, Multan, Pakistan

Aneela Yasmeen
University of the Punjab, Pakistan

Suha Tirmizi
Research Officer
AKDN eHealth Resource Centre (eHRC)
Aga Khan University, Karachi

Dr. Aneela Karim

Assistant Professor

Federal Urdu University of Arts Science and Technology

Aftab Ahmad
School of Biological Sciences
University of the Punjab, Pakistan


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  1. abdul rauf

    Very nice step by NAYS..

    • Tabinda Salman

      Indeed it is a good initiative taken by the team.. Good luck!

  2. Muhammad Azhar

    Good Luck.. With hopes to compete with Nature” standard publications soon..

  3. Muhammad Sohaib

    For Quality, Quantity should be ensure……. and it seems a goood act for ensurance…

  4. Naseer kakar

    Dear Sir i wrote a paper on Geological field work. And i want to share with NAY magazine section. Can i send my paper for Publis.
    Geologist Naseer kakar

    • Aneela Yasmeen

      Kindly send your article to
      if our editors approved it, we will definitely include it

    • Attia Razzaq

      Yes you can send it, with the data already published, but keeping in view of plagiarism you should re-write it. you can send it any time round the year for publication.

  5. Jamal

    Can someone serve as a writer for NAYS? I have multidisciplinary background, and i want to write for NAYS. Whom should i contact?

    • Shehar Bano

      If you want to write on permanent base you may contact at
      Send your CV along with your interests in writing.

  6. Farwa Batool

    Could you please elaborate how one should write a report on workshops they’ve attended? Should they focus more on the techniques they learnt or just briefly mention them and focus more on the overall experience?

    • Attia Razzaq

      you can write it in descriptive form, covering the whole event, you may add pictures of the event. if you feel techniques/ any section more important that can be elaborated

  7. asad khaliq

    good luck

  8. sana sharif

    I have my article published already in journal of human genetics, can i send that one?

    • Attia Razzaq

      mentioned in above reply….

  9. Nadeem Abbas

    Salam to all NAYS team,
    it’s a good effort and I appreciate ,I have a desire that I became the part of NAYS. INSHALLAH

  10. Nadeem Abbas

    can anyone tell me ,how I get the Nays magazine .plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    • Attia Razzaq

      subscribe to NAYS emails, you will get all editions of e-magazine

  11. Touseef

    Is there any financial contribution MANDATORY from author for an article to be published in e-magazine.

    • Attia Razzaq

      No there is no financial requirement

  12. Muhammad

    Pleased to know about NAYS e-magazine. Very good platform. Thanks all involved in “creation”.

  13. Dr Zia Muhammad

    salam is any benifit of publishing paper in NAYS magazine and we can send our published data to magazine ?

    • Attia Razzaq

      you can share your work with other young scientists by this platform, it wd improve your confidence and ability of scientific writing. yes you can send it to other journals but after removing plagiarism.

  14. Dr Maria Fareed Siddiqui

    Appreciated. Keep it up.

  15. shah hussain

    Good work of young scientist. I want to become a regular writer.

  16. Kaleem Ullah


  17. Kaleem Ullah

    what is main project of nays in pakistan?have u advanace technology

  18. Zulfiqar

    Here is Zulfiqar IRSIP Scholar (UC Riverside, USA). You guys give so short time, Like only 3 days, it should be extended. I have planned to write a short communication letter on “Biosurfactants and its emerging environmental application” but it seems that it would not be completed within given time frame
    Inform me if there is any hope 🙂
    Have a nice day!

  19. anam

    How can we remain updated about the scholarship programs designed for competent students and how can we be active participant of ur organization?

  20. Zeeshan

    Nice step by NAYS. 🙂

  21. furqan


  22. Asad Abbas

    Kindly update (upload) NAYS e-Magazine new issue on official website.

  23. huzaifa

    want to know about jahanzaib rasheed

  24. inam ul haq

    really appreciated.

  25. Qayum Khan

    Miss Aneela Yasmin, I am a PhD scholar. I wrote a review paper on post transnational modification and I want to publish it in a journal. So want to share with you if you help me.

  26. Mudassar Nawaz Khan

    Thanks for your efforts and information sharing.
    I would like to suggest if you people can include a section for success stories like an award winning etc in national and international conferences/organisations.

    I hope it would inspire others.

    Thanks and Regards
    Mudassar Nawaz Khan
    Ph.D Scholar
    University of Tsukuba, Japan
    Cell: +81-80-34409171

    Lecturer: Institute of Biotechnology & Genetic Engineering,
    University of Agriculture, Peshawar Pakistan

  27. Afzal Chourbati

    Good Step….

  28. Muhammad Ali

    Where I can find e-magazine issues published after Issue 4?

  29. Muhammad Ashraf

    Very nice and positive and academic step

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